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The Fastest, Easiest Dermatology Visit of your Life

"I had a very easy session! Thank you!!! Shockingly easy."

"Got my prescriptions today, the whole process was done in less than 24 hours!"

"That was SO EASY" 

Answer a Few Questions

When you begin below, you will be asked a few questions about your skin concern, as well as photos for our dermatologist to review with you over a live call. 

Rapid Dermatology Assessment

Within 2 days - but often within hours - you will have your diagnoses, care plan, and if appropriate prescription in hand!

Your Virtual Dermatology Assessment Includes

✔️ Recommendation, diagnosis and prescription as needed from your board-certified dermatologist 

✔️ Answers in <2 days, but often in hours!

Your visit may be covered by insurnace, for details see our FAQs below. For patients not in network, we have a low cash pay rate, for which you may apply for out of network benefits, or use your FSA/HSA card! Inquire to +1-866-438-6712 with any questions to our team!

Is my dermatology visit covered by insurance?

For patients living in North Carolina, we are in network with the plans below. However, you may still be responsible for a co-pay as a part of your visit. You are always able to pay using our cash pay rate of $60 above, which in some cases, may be less than your copay. You may request a copy of your receipt to request reimbursement when using your FSA/HSA account.

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Add Ons

Modern Ritual Dermascope Scope
Modern Ritual Dermascope Scope


A dermascope is a device to help our dermatologists better identify whether a spot or mole of concern is skin cancer. This device attaches to the back of your smartphone, iPad or tablet, and can be used by you to send in higher resolution photos of your spot of concern, at home!

Why should I order a dermascope?

A dermascope is a device that attaches to your smartphone. It is a highly effective tool to triage moles and waxy bumps for skin cancer. It may increase effectiveness to nearly 95%. This means fewer unnecessary biopsies, fewer unnecessary in-person appointments and when you do need to be seen in-person, we can help you be seen faster than otherwise possible. If you'd like assistance in having your photo taken, you may visit one of our in-person triage centers found here


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