Why The Daily by GETMr. is the Best Moisturizer for Men

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The Best Moisturizers for Men

Simply stated, the best daily skincare routine men should always include broad spectrum sun protection. I hear men state that they use a moisturizer every day. In practicality, There is no reason to limit yourself only to a moisturizer, unless you have an underlying skin condition, such as atopic dermatitis or you are using drying medication such as acitretin, adapalene, tazarotene or tretinoin that can cause the skin to less effectively retain moisture. In those cases you certainly may need additional help. 

For most men, a moisturizer can and should be doing more for you on a daily basis. 

The Daily by GETMr. provides an ultra lightweight moisturizer for men to use as a part of their morning skincare routine. 

The DAILY by GETMr. ingredients

The Daily has ingredients to help soothe and maintain your skin’s essential function. It contains extracts from palm, coconut, jojoba and almond oils along with glycerin and beeswax derivatives without being greasy or heavy. In addition one of my favorite handpicked moisturizing ingredients is the lactobionic acid. Lactobionic acid is a polyhydroxy acid which works not only to gently exfoliate the skin but also helps it maintain the barrier function of the outermost layers of the skin. Not only do you get a quality moisturizer, but also one that assists in actually evening out your skin tone as well as skin texture, helping your skin look and feel smooth every damn day. First, start with a mild cleanser such as Dove, Cetaphil, Aveeno or Cerave. Try to avoid using Irish Spring, Dial or Coast on your face as they are true soaps and reduce the ability of your skin to retain its natural skin barrier function to retain moisture in those top layers.  

But what about... ?

Dry Skin in the Hair:  If you do have dry skin between your eyebrows, ears, scalp, beard, etc. that actually may be seborrheic dermatitis and will require a different approach than just moisturizers. 

Rosacea:  If you have acne rosacea, the kind of acne that is accompanied by flushing, blushing, redness, pimples and sometimes thickening of the skin, you will want to use a very mild cleanser and The Daily by GETMr.  Our skin care product provides the best daily morning skin care routine besides your treatments (if you need them). The Daily not only has the all mineral sunscreen that won’t aggravate acne rosacea, but it also contains the redness reducing ingredient niacinamide. Our formulation is designed to reduce the risk of flares by providing a product that won’t challenge the already sensitive skin barrier in rosacea prone skin.  

Extra Dry Skin: If you do also have dry skin and are looking for additional moisture, I would suggest that you apply Cerave or Cetaphil nightly to your skin. If you are more acne prone, I would suggest the lotion version over the cream.   Remembering again to make sure your cleanser is mild and supportive of your skin’s barrier function. 


The Daily by GETMr has you covered. It is a moisturizer that should not flare your acne or irritate your skin, is lightweight so it’s not oily or greasy, rubs in quickly, reduces your risk of skin cancer by 40% and helps you look your best as well. No small feat, but just once a day, EVERY DAMN DAY.

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