What is Dermatopathology?

What is Dermatopathology?

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Dermatopathology is a subspecialty of pathology. For example, a pathologist is a doctor who interprets pathological specimens to arrive at a specific finding or diagnosis.
Therefore, a dermatopathologist is a highly trained physician who specializes in diagnosing disorders of the skin under a microscope. 
They are a dermatologist or pathologist with an additional board certification in evaluating skin, hair, and nail diseases. In simpler terms, the dermatopathologist is a “Private Eye” using microscopic observations and information from your dermatologist to further explain your skin issues. 

Reading pigmented lesions, such as atypical moles or early melanomas can be very difficult for general pathologists without additional training. That's why we rely on these experts!

As a primary care provider, nurse practitioner or PA, are you interested in learning more about how you can have skin concerns in your practice co-managed with an 'on-demand' dermatologist? Learn more here.

If you are a patient seeking a first or second opinion from a dermatologist on a spot mole or rash of concern, you can access a dermatologist via your local primary care provider or urgent care clinic. Find our list of partner locations here.

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